About the Author:

Dr. Stephanie Benjamin is an award winning writer and lifelong diarist. After surviving medical school, she moved to California for her emergency medicine residency. Once residency is complete, she will start an EMS/Disaster medicine fellowship at UC San Diego.

Outside of work and writing, Stephanie is a painter, fencer, climber, aerialist, surfer, prepper, and dog owner.

About Love, Sanity, or Medical School:

As a medical student secretly turned gonzo journalist, I capture the progressive erosion of well-being and sense of altruism that happens to future doctors during the most vitriolic year of medical school: third year.  Subtly typing away on my blue iPad mini, I record the entire year in real time as it unfolds around me.  Each chapter in my nonfiction novel is a rotation in a different medical specialty, spread throughout different hospitals, within a small Midwest City.

About the Design:

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